Hi! I'm Traci...with an "i"...

...and I can never find my name on anything.

And if I do, it's spelled with a "y" or an "ey" or an "ie"....sigh.

My unique pillow covers are the perfect gift for every age and any occasion.

Kids have everything these days! I originally created them for my daughter to give at birthdays. (And these don't require batteries or make noise!)

Great to take on sleepovers or for lounging in a fort, there will be no fighting over whose is whose and no sharing required.

To maximize snuggles, the pillow covers are made of flannel or cotton with their name stitched on in the softest fleece. They are approximately 20" x 28"/50cm x 70cm, fitting a standard or queen pillow insert.  

If you want a memorable gift that they will love for years, look through my vast collection of fabrics or message me to see if we can find the perfect design. 


P.S. My house is filled with love, chaos and furry critters.